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  Vendors Information and Rules for SCI-FI HORROR FEST



Vendor Space: Each vendor space is provided with one 6 Foot Table, 2 chairs and two weekend passes.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Placement of your vendor space at SCI-FI HORROR FEST is solely

and absolutely at the discretion of Bloody Productions, LLC.


1. No hanging ANYTHING on the walls of event venue. PLEASE NOTE: These items are

STRICTLY PROHIBITED from being used. They include but are not limited too: command

strips, sticky tack, velcro, tape, staples, pins, tacks, or glue.

2. No running cords through the event hall or, others media/vending space.

3. Keep your vendor space clean and occupied at all times.


orca-image--507046213 (002).jpeg


Legend says the Woods Surrounding Vernon, the home of SCI-FI HORROR FEST, is haunted by a vengeful ghost of a mass murderer. How can you avoid becoming the next blood stain on his scythe? Correctly Answer his trivia questions! Be on the lookout for Husk!

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